(Sri Raghavendra Swamy 403rd Pattahbisheka Utsava)

Date : March 13, 2024


Dear Devotees : Namaskara.

| Sri MannMoolaRamastu Mannmathe Moolamahasamsthhaana Mantralaya Sri Rayaramathe||


Sri Raghavendra Swamy 403rd Pattahbisheka Utsava described in Mantralaya(1081)  .


The Phalguna Shukla Dwiteeya of 1621 CE holds profound significance for the devotees of Sri Raghavendra Swamy Teertharu. It marks the indelible occasion of Pattabhishekam, Coronation Ceremony when Sri Venkatanatharu was initiated into Sannyasa (Oath of Celibacy) by his Guru Sri SudheendraTeertha, thus assuming the divine persona of Sri Raghavendra Swamy, bestowing blessings upon devotees. This celebration, also known as Sri Raghavendra Guru Vaibhavotsava, takes place at Mantralaya.

Let's journey back to the past and witness the remarkable events surrounding Sri Venkatanatharu. Sri SudheendraTeertharu, adorned with Rudra Amsha, served as the Swamiji or the Vedic Verse, propagating the teachings of VedaVyasaru, MadhwaCharyaru, Jayatheertharu, and others. Observing Sri Venkatanatharu in his childhood, Sri SudheendraTeertharu discerned the remarkable potential within him to lead this kingdom of Vedic Verse. Recognizing the divine essence within Venkatanatharu, Sri SSudheendraTeertharu perceived the presence of Vayu Devaru and Shesha Devaru within SudheendraTeertharu, understanding that Prahalad had reincarnated for the betterment of humanity in the era of Kaliyuga.

Sri Venkatanatharu learned a lot from Sri SudheendraTeertharu and wrote many books that were way ahead of what people his age usually write. Venkatanatharu lived happily with his wife and son.

One day, Lord Sri Ramachandra appeared in Sri SudheendraTeertharu’s dream and told him to make his devotee, Prahalad, also known as Sri Venkatanatharu, a monk. Ramachandra said, "I want Sri Venkatanatharu to be called Sri RaghavendraTeertharu and perform my Rama Devara Samsthana pooja every day. Sri RaghavendraTeertharu will be a guiding light in this dark Kaliyuga."

Following the orders of Sri Moola Ramachandra Murthy, Sri SudheendraTeertharu decided to bestow sanyasashrama upon the esteemed and capable Sri Venkatanatha to lead the Vedanta samrajya. Sri Sudeendra Tirtha blessed him, saying, "May this Sri Raghavendra, who excels among ascetics, flourish with the penance of Sri Surendra Tirtha, the wealth and renown of Sri Vijayindra Tirtha, and my own fame in dialectical skill."

In a dream filled with celestial radiance, Sri Venkatanatharu found himself in the presence of Vidya Lakshmi and Saraswati, embodiments of knowledge and prosperity. Sri Vidya Devi, adorned with wisdom, appeared and spoke with authority. "It is ordained by Sri Vedavyasa that only sannyasis are worthy to worship Sri Moola Rama Deva," she declared. "You, Sri Venkatanatharu, are blessed by Sri Vedavyasa himself. Embrace sanyasa, and fear not, for I and all our Ashta Lakshmis shall forever be by your side."
Struck by the divine assurance of Sri Vidya Lakshmi, Sri Venkatanatharu felt a surge of determination. With a heart filled with reverence and courage, he accepted sanyasa, knowing that he was chosen to safeguard the sacred tradition of Vaishnava Madhwa Mata. Thus, guided by the blessings of the divine, Sri Venkatanatharu embarked on a path destined for greatness, ready to fulfill his sacred duty.

Guru Sri Sudheendrateertharu felt immense joy flood his heart as his dearest Shishya, Sri Venkatanatharu, agreed to shoulder the greatest responsibility—to become his successor. With pride and contentment, Sri Sudheendrateertharu recognized the unwavering dedication and readiness of Sri Venkatanatharu to carry forward the sacred lineage. It was a moment of profound satisfaction, knowing that the legacy of wisdom and enlightenment would be entrusted to such a deserving disciple.

The ceremonies of Pattabhishekha unfolded in Vadavur, as requested by the Nayak king of Tanjavur in Tamil Nadu. This very place holds significance as Sri Raghavendra Swamy devotedly practiced penance for twelve years. Following this period of intense spiritual discipline, Rayaru embarked on a journey to spread the teachings of Dwaita Philosophy far and wide across the nation.

During a time of dire famine, it was Sri Raghavendra Teertha who came to the aid of the king, offering his invaluable assistance. As a tribute to his legacy, a Brindavan named Sarpapeeta Brindavanam now stands as a testament to his enduring presence and benevolence in Vadavur.King Raghunatha Bhoopaala overflowed with joy and meticulously arranged grand festivities in Tanjore. Sri Venkatamatharu, esteemed among scholars, poets, and pandits, was warmly received with devout reverence and opulent splendor. The royal court of Tanjore brimmed with the presence of virtuous souls, scholars, and poets, all gathered to witness the grandeur of the Pattabhishekotsava.

As praises and titles rained down upon Sri Venkatamatharu, the atmosphere was imbued with boundless joy and happiness, transcending all bounds of expression. On this auspicious occasion, Sri Narayanacharyaru, the illustrious author of Sri Raghavendra Vijaya Mahakavya, felt compelled to share a shloka. Having known Sri Venkatamatharu intimately since childhood—Venkatamatharu's mother, Venkatamba, being the youngest brother of Sri Venkatabhattaru—Sri Narayanacharyaru stood amidst the illustrious assembly of Tanjore's royal court.
With deep reverence, respect, devotion, and affection, Sri Narayanacharyaru raised his right hand, adorned with a golden kankana, and recited the shloka loudly and spontaneously. His voice trembled with emotion, and tears of devotional ecstasy welled up in his eyes as he extolled the extraordinary brilliance and knowledge of Sri Raghavendrateertharu.

On the auspicious day of Pattabhishekam on March 12, 2024, Sri SubhdendraTeertharu orchestrated a magnificent celebration to honor this significant event. Drawing inspiration from the story of Bharata in the Ramayana, who placed Sri Rama's Paduke on the throne to symbolize his reign, a similar scenario unfolded with Sri RaghavendraTeertharu's successor, Sri YogindraTeertharu. Initially reluctant to part ways with Rayaru, Sri YogindraTeertharu was reassured by Rayaru himself, who promised to reside in Brindavana while continuing to bless devotees with his physical presence for many years to come. Rayaru entrusted his Paduke to Sri YogindraTeertharu, who faithfully worshipped it every day. This tradition, initiated by YogindraTeertharu, saw Sri SubhudendraTeertharu continuing the legacy by worshipping the holy Paduke after performing the Moola Rama Devara Samsthana Pooja.

During the Pattabhishekam ceremony, Sri SubhudendraTeertharu placed the Paduke on a golden chair, the Shimhasana, and reverently worshipped Sri Rayaru's Paduke with profound devotion. The air resonated with the chanting of "Om Sri RaghavendraYa Namaha," infusing the atmosphere with powerful vibrations that purified the hearts and souls of all those present to witness this grand ceremony.

It's truly remarkable to witness the sacred tradition of Sri Moola Rama idol, crafted by Brahma himself, being meticulously preserved and passed down through generations at Sri Rayaru Mutta. Sri RaghavendraTeertharu's incarnation as Prahalad holds a profound significance in this context. Despite being offered liberation by Sri Hari, Sri RaghavendraTeertharu humbly declined, choosing instead to be born in Kaliyuga. Rayaru’s noble decision reflects his selfless dedication to uplifting and guiding people like us along the right path.

|| Yae nityam gururaghavendra charanambhojam bhajante aadaraat
tatkaarunyabharena sarvasukalaapaareenataam mangam
vaade vairi sudheejayam shrutimatotkarshanedishnataam
modantebhuvane sukeertilasitaaste avaapta kaamadhruvam ||

The meaning of above Shloka is
It is an undeniable truth that those devout souls who wholeheartedly believe in and surrender to the divine lotus feet of Rayaru, faithfully invoking his presence through daily prayers filled with unwavering devotion and reverence, are destined to receive the boundless grace and blessings of Rayaru in their entirety. Such devotees shall ascend to heights of unparalleled excellence, mastering every domain of knowledge with unparalleled proficiency and skill. Auspiciousness shall permeate every facet of their lives, illuminating their path with the radiant wisdom of the Vedas, Shastras, and sacred scriptures. They shall effortlessly reap the fruits of their endeavors, attaining fulfillment and success at every turn. Through the divine grace and compassionate blessings of our revered Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurusarvabhoumaru, their fame and renown shall resound far and wide, adorning them with the divine jewels of Anugraha and Karunaabharana for all eternity.

The devotion towards Sri Raghavendrateertharu is the ultimate truth and is the most simple and effective way to reach Sri Hari  - "NAMBI KETTAVARILLAVO EE GURUGALA"! “Those who have complete faith in this Guru will never be disappointed.”